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LabTurbo 24 AIO SP-qPCR Automation System

All In One for Sample preparation to qPCR workflow

The LabTurbo AIO (All-in-One) SP-qPCR Automation System is a fully integrated system providing a non-stop automation of DNA / RNA extraction, PCR setup, qPCR to report with one-click in one compact, machinery box. The AIO system is your reliable and intelligent robotic expert in molecular testing with excellence in sensitivity and result consistency.



LabTurbo AIO integrates DNA/RNA extraction system, PCR reaction setup, qPCR thermocycler, and detection analysis report functions all in the compact robotic box. It is basically a complete, full function PCR laboratory all in a compact system.
Quality Assurance

The LabTurbo membrane column technology and mechanical process ensure consistent sample processing and liquid- handling with reliable results. It also eliminates human errors, manual processing variances, contamination, and risk of handling errors in between transfers.


LabTurbo AIO reduces the expenses on laboratory spaces, personnel, human resource, maintenance, and regulatory costs. The streamlined process ensures on schedule laboratory workflow and avoids unnecessary repeats due to handling errors or manual inconsistency.

Versatility & Flexibility

LabTurbo AIO qPCR system is an open system and can be used with any qPCR kits for various target detections. The system can also perform DNA/RNA extraction, PCR setup, and qPCR independently to satisfy different needs.