Thermostat "Gnom" (programmable)

      Gnom Programmable Solid State Thermostat

Thermostat1The Gnom thermostat is a programmable solid state heating unit for research and clinical diagnostic studies. It’s designed to use 1.5- and 0.5-ml test microtubes.

       Special features:

The built-in programmability allows the device to implement incubation regimens that include one to three consecutive time-temperature intervals;
The device has a heat insulated clamp lid that improves the distribution of temperature within the unit, prevents the test tube caps from opening at high temperatures and reduces the condensation of the reaction mix on the caps; A buit-in fan significantly reduces the cooling time; An LCD display makes controlling the device easy and comfortable. The Gnom thermostat proves especially handy when using regimens comprising several stages with different incubation time-temperatures as well as when heating test tubes at high temperatures.