Mobile laboratories

     MPL-01 mobile PCR laboratory set

13f4fThe mobile PCR laboratory set is designed for conducting the full range of PCR tests, including identification of infectious agents in both humans and animals, detection of bacterial and viral contaminations of the environment, tests to detect the presence of genetically modified ingredients, etc. The laboratory set includes equipment for all stages of PCR: sample preparation, amplification and detection of PCR products. The laboratory set can be deployed by one person in less than 10 minutes and brought into action. The laboratory is designed for easy transportation and AC battery operation under field conditions.


  • the laboratory set can be serviced by one person;
  • special design for field research;
  • autonomous power supply;
  • minimum time of test;
  • fluorescence-based registration of results.

Technical characteristics:
Dimensions, mm 1230x430x170
Dimensions of the power battery, mm 380x260x240
Weight, kg 29
Weight of the power battery, mm 22
Total weight, kg 51

     Specification of the laboratory set:

  1. Tercyc multiblock thermocycler;
  2. Gene fluorescence detector;
  3. Eppendoirf MiniSpin centrifuge with a rotor for 12 test tubes;
  4. Minicentrifuge/vortex Microspin FV-2400;
  5. Thermit thermostat;
  6. Laptop PC;
  7. Set of variopipettes;
  8. Disposables (test tubes, tips).

Separately: a mobile power source (battery).