Fluorescent PCR detector "Gene"

1b8737cca33bc542c002bd4f269e4a402Gene specialized fluorescence detector is intended to record the results of PCR using sets of reagents, based on the principles of fluorescence detection.

     Features of the device

  • records the results of PCR without electrophoresis (without opening the tubes), allows to solve the problem of contamination with PCR products and allows you to reduce the demands on the organization of a PCR laboratory;
  • the absence of electrophoresis stage significantly reduces the complexity and time of the result;
  • performance allows you to organize large flows of routine laboratory studies;
  • the software that came bundled with the device allows you to effectively organize documentation and work with the results obtained;
  • small size.

The instrument focuses on the use of probes and / or primers labeled with a fluorescent label and quencher of fluorescence.