TAIGEN, located in Taiwan since 1992, is a pioneering GMP company on automated nucleic acid preparation and application. we have launched a lot of products such as manual VacEZor in 2002, semi-automation LabStart in 2005, fully automation LabTurbo 36 and 96 in 2007, LabTurbo vacuum chemistry in 2009, and cutting edge automation LabTurbo 48 in 2011.


GMP, ISO13485, TÜV Rheinland, CE Mark
LabTurbo systems are highest quality in full agreement with quality system standards (ISO 13485). LabTurbo quality controlling system has sure to be certified with GMP requirements as demonstrated by successfully passed inspections from other authorities. The most powerful instrument manufactured by best-trained personnel guarantees the greatest reliability.
LabTurbo system emphasize functionality and safety requirements (TÜV Rheinland) to meet customer and market demand. Meeting high European standards and bearing the CE mark. LabTurbo operates in accordance with the latest quality standards, guaranteeing consistent quality at the highest level.


TAIGEN is a pioneering company on automated nucleic acid preparation and application. To accomplish optimization automation solution, our vision is to create different kinds of all-in-one systems for the workflows from preparations to down stream applications. Taigen has been committed to product improvement, we expect our automation products can meet your needs to expand the sample processing capabilities, establish standard operating procedures, and ensure the accuracy of experimental data


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