Since 2004, SMOBiO, Inc. has been well known in the biotech industry by applying the unique fermentation technique to produce high quality functional food ingredients.
Upon establishing successful distribution network, SMOBiO, Inc. further focuses on developing a state-of-the-art bio-molecules testing tools, which are to facilitate researches in molecular biology and proteomics with the provision of high quality DNA ladders and protein markers.  These wonderful products have been very well received by the industry and the academia.  As a result, SMOBiO has demonstrated a very impressive market share since 2008.
Evidenced by customer’s satisfaction derived from SMOBiO’s exceptional high quality products, we are comfortably assured to take a marketing strategy without a massive advertising campaign.  The reputation generated from word-of-mouth of our clients in the world regarding our product reliability has been serving us as the best marketing strategy.
” Small Bio, Smart Tool ” is the motto of SMOBiO.  This signifies our commitment to provide the most intellectual molecule tools to the bio-industry so as to make easy for bio-science researchers to achieve even higher goals.

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