Zinexts Life Science Corp., specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing instrumentation and reagent products for life science researches and clinical diagnosis. Through a focus on market-oriented innovation and customer-oriented service, we continuously develop advanced, reliable and cost effective products to all of our customers.

With the accelerating pace on the progress of molecular biology techniques, gene-based assays have been more crucial for life science discovery and molecular diagnosis. Nucleic acid purification is one of the fundamental methods ubiquitous among scientists to investigate processes such as gene expression, genetic identity, pathogen detection, GMO testing and molecular interactions.
In comparison with the manual-handling of nucleic acid extraction in laboratories, automation effectively reduces human errors, improves standardization and generates high-consistency results. However, automations are usually costly and require some additional learning or training before operation, which stop many of users adopting automated solutions. With that, Zinexts integrates multiple techniques including molecular biology, electronics, mechanical engineering, and chemistry, to develop a new, reliable, easy-to-use, automated robot for nucleic acid extraction with an affordable price.

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