About us



G.M.A Founded in 2013.

It is one of the first Egyptian companies operating in the field of biotechnology. Since from the beginning, the company has worked to provide all equipment, kits and all requirements for Vitro diagnostics using molecular biology techniques. The scientific innovations were transferred into ready to use diagnostic kits that, for the operating user-friendliness and the quality, are optimal for routine diagnostic laboratories.

We are specializes in distributing, marketing instrumentation and reagent products for life science researches and clinical diagnosis. Through a focus on market-oriented innovation and customer-oriented service, we continuously develop advanced, reliable and cost effective products to all of our customers.

Till now we are serving most Laboratorie’s Need with most updated technology and design with highest durability and accuracy, Our Suppliers are most of the well Internationally established Firms, whom are CE, ISO and TUV certified to meet the requirements of the nowadays standards for Laboratories.

G.M.As primary goals are customer satisfaction and after-sales support. In doing its best to attain these goals, G.M.A.offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. In addition, over the years, G.M.A has succeeded in building an outstanding reputation for after-sales service, ensuring that its clients’ trust is well placed

Our team are ready to serve your needs.